2VERSION enables Source Code Versioning in Your WhereScape RED environment.

2VERSION revolutionizes the software development process by enhancing collaboration and accelerating deployments. As a ready-to-use add-on, 2VERSION integrates effortlessly into WhereScape RED, supporting rapid integration of new features, ensuring the release of reliable updates, and guaranteeing the quality of your data applications. It reduces operational complexity and maximizes flexibility in managing controls.

Enhance Your Capabilities with 2VERSION for WhereScape RED

Utilize 2VERSION to enable efficient source code versioning in your WhereScape RED environment. This tool is compatible with a wide variety of versioning systems, including popular options like GIT, enhancing your development processes through improved collaboration and accelerated production cycles.

2VERSION: A Key Element for Any CI/CD Pipeline

2VERSION acts as a bridge between WhereScape RED and any versioning systems, such as GIT. It optimizes your CI/CD pipeline through automated delta deployments and simplifies branching and merging. Ensure the quality and integrity of your data solution by leveraging the advanced features of 2VERSION.

Leverage the Benefits of 2VERSION

Benefit from rapid integration of new features and the release of reliable updates, supported by GIT or any other versioning system. With 2VERSION, you can undo changes at the object level and also receive comprehensive audit trails for complete traceability and security in your projects.

How 2VERSION Works

Our solution facilitates efficient versioning of your WhereScape RED environment, regardless of the versioning system used. 2VERSION automates the deployment process by identifying differences between your current repository and the target repository, and supports the creation of deployment files. By continuously checking referential integrity during the analysis, 2VERSION seamlessly integrates into any CI/CD pipeline, thus simplifying your development cycle.

Benefits of 2VERSION

  • Enables version management of WhereScape RED artifacts to efficiently track and manage all changes.

  • Integrates into CI/CD pipelines to minimize risks and accelerate production times, making the software development process faster and more reliable.

  • Enables faster deployments by creating delta packages. These are generated after comparative analysis to identify only the changes that need to be deployed.

  • Supports branching and merging features for WhereScape RED environments, promoting smooth and well-organized coordination among development teams.

  • Provides rollback capabilities to undo changes at the file level. This helps to maintain stability and resolve problems quickly.

  • Provides traceability with robust audit trails, allowing teams to easily track changes and understand modifications over time.

  • Converts repositories into a human-readable format (JSON files). This enables efficient data processing and comparability, making it easier to review and compare different code bases.