Biathlon in the digital age.

The "Swiss Ski - Biathlon App" revolutionizes the traditional manual process of capturing shot images in biathlon.

Until now, the shooting images were laboriously recorded by the coach on the shooting range by phone during both training and competition, noted on a board and then communicated to the athlete on the cross-country ski run via WhatsApp. This manual process was time-consuming and left room for error. Thanks to the app developed by 2BIT, this time-consuming process is now a thing of the past.

The application enables real-time shot analysis by digitally capturing the shot image on a tablet. Athletes receive immediate feedback on their shots, giving them the opportunity to make immediate corrections and optimize their performance

The "Swiss Ski - Biathlon Shot App" offers a clear advantage not only during the competition or training, but also afterwards. Coaches and athletes can analyze the collected shot images, recognize patterns and identify specific areas for improvement. This comprehensive insight into shooting performance significantly increases the efficiency and precision of biathlon training.

About Swiss Ski:

The Swiss Ski Association has been the umbrella organisation for Swiss snow sports since 1904. It specifically promotes top-level sports: around 300 athletes belong to a Swiss Ski squad. They are supported by around 165 trainers and coaches. Another core task of Swiss Ski is the promotion of mass sports.

The added value provided by 2BIT:

  • Concept for digitizing an analogue process with various system breaks
  • Implementation of the developed concept with state-of-the-art technologies 
  • Automation of the manual process: saves time and reduces errors
  • Post-training analysis and increased efficiency