Data analysis in racing

Together with Swiss Ski, 2BIT has digitalised the data collection process. Using Power BI, all training data is now visualised and processed in real time.

Before digitalisation, the respective training results of the 300 athletes were entered manually into Excel, where the data was then also processed manually. 

Today, Swiss Ski feeds the sensor data directly into a data warehouse in real time. The data analyses are simultaneously processed and visualised via Power BI. This gives the coach, in addition to their sharpened eye, another tool for assessing and evaluating an athlete's ride immediately during training.

About Swiss Ski:

The Swiss Ski Association has been the umbrella organisation for Swiss snow sports since 1904. It specifically promotes top-level sports: around 300 athletes belong to a Swiss Ski squad. They are supported by around 165 trainers and coaches. Another core task of Swiss Ski is the promotion of mass sports.

The added value provided by 2BIT:

  • Digitalised end-to-end solution for athletes and coaches.
  • Comprehensive evaluation options through integration with Power BI
  • Very cost-effective operation of the solution thanks to Azure..